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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Interview: Circuit Paul Ricard

Continuing our Behind The Scenes Series, in this feature we spoke to Circuit Paul Ricard on their Environmentally Responsible Events Charter. Staying true to our commitment on joining forces with circuits for sustainable paddocks, SRO immediately supported the charter by becoming its first signature. Below more on the charter and how it helps for eco-managed events at the circuit.

1) Please describe in short Circuit Paul Ricard’s environmental actions?

Located in a protected area in the heart of the Sainte-Baume regional natural park, Circuit Paul Ricard offers drivers and spectators the chance to experience their passion for sport in complete safety, while striving to fully embrace the environmental, social and economic responsibilities that come with such a setting. For the last ten years the circuit has been committed to an ambitious sustainable development process.

Our sustainability strategy has three main goals: environmental impact reduction, implementation of innovative solutions and sustainable mobility. We take several environmental actions to achieve our environmental mission, such as: preserving biodiversity, measuring air quality and sound emissions, waste management, reasonable energy and water consumption and working with local suppliers.

Our environmental efforts have resulted in becoming the first racetrack in France to be awarded top rating FIA Sustainability Accreditation (three stars), in 2019. This certification rewards the actions taken over the last ten years for protect our surroundings.

2) Recently SRO has become a signature of the circuit’s Environmentally Responsible Event charter, what is the main purpose of this charter?

The Circuit Paul Ricard wants to support its clients in their eco-responsible actions. For that aim we have offered our clients to adhere to a charter of nine main objectives, reducing the impact of their events organised at the circuit. The objectives range from eco-friendly communication to the respect of the natural resources.

Each objective lists several concrete actions, which help to protect the environment so that races, test drives and drives are eco-managed events, throughout the entire process - from conception to assessment and operation.

By signing the charter, a client commits to become aware of the eco-challenges that our industry faces, to actively lay the foundations of a sustainable approach and to respect environmental values.

3) The charter consists of nine key objectives, can you please prioritize three of utmost importance to be implemented by event organisers in 2022?

The circuit offers all its customers to sign the Eco Responsible Environment Charter.

All nine themes in the Eco Responsible Event Charter are important and we offer support in implementing the concrete actions in each individual area. If three themes were to stand out, consumption control and waste management, public tranquillity as well as the purchase policy, choice of equipment and services may seem the most important.

4) Which concrete actions is Circuit Paul Ricard taking in 2022 for more sustainable business operations?

The Circuit Paul Ricard is in a continuous improvement process. We are working with the Parc Naturel de La Saint Baume to increase our production of green energy at the circuit and we are also working hard on public tranquillity. We are trying to reduce printing among all circuit departments and are currently setting up a process to recover and recycle ink cartridges. Moreover, circuit signage is produced from recycled materials and our catering has no single use plastic and offers seasonal menus using local ingredients. We prioritize collaborating with local service providers.

Lastly, one of our main objectives for 2022 is to help as many clients as possible through our Eco Responsible Event Charter.

5) Where do you see Paul Ricard circuit in terms of sustainability in 2025?

Ideally located in the heart of a preserved site, in the Sainte-Baume Regional Nature Park, the Circuit Paul Ricard offers drivers, teams, manufacturers and the public the possibility to live their passion for motor sports in a preserved setting.

With over 10 years of commitment to an ambitious sustainable development, the Circuit Paul Ricard wishes to drive with all its members, the future of motorsports. In the coming years we are committed to lead by example and co-invent the sustainable mobility of the future.