Ground-breaking new Pirelli P Zero DHF tyre set to debut in 2022

18 December 2021

The brand new P Zero DHF has been re-designed from the ground up for the specific demands of all classes of GT racing: a major focus for Pirelli – also the exclusive tyre partner to Formula 1 – across the world.
For the first time, the new tyre will equip all the main classes of GT racing: GT2, GT3 and GT4. Previously, many of these categories used separate tyres, but the latest technology from Pirelli means that all the classes can now get the best out of the same high performance tyres, thanks to a new family of compounds and structures that have been carefully developed by the Italian firm’s engineers over the past year, in collaboration with car manufacturers.
Consequently, the new DHF replaces not only the DHE that is being used in GT3 but also the DHB used in GT4. For the first time, the GT4 covers use many of the materials utilised for GT3 tyres, delivering the ultimate in performance.
Matteo Braga, Pirelli’s circuit activity manager, commented: “We’ve optimised all our know-how and production processes to arrive at an innovative new tyre that will be used throughout all the classes in GT racing: the DHF. As well as new compounds, which are entirely redesigned to provide optimal grip and durability over a wider working range – particularly in warmer temperatures – we have a new construction that improves the connection between front and rear. The result is more performance, more versatility, and a better feeling for the driver.”
Sustainability has also been at the forefront of Pirelli’s new tyre, with extensive use of virtual modelling meaning that the production of physical prototypes has been reduced by around 20%. The latest range of DHF tyres also includes new types of renewable materials that help to meet Pirelli’s ambitious environmental targets, while additionally there is a smaller logistical footprint with just one type of tyre being used for all the championships, leading to less waste.
All the SRO-promoted championships that use the promoter’s Balance of Performance should be able to use the new DHF tyres from next year, as soon as the equalisation formula has been established.
GT racing is very much at the heart of Pirelli’s activities as it showcases race versions of the road-going supercars that Pirelli equips in everyday life. In fact, more than 50% of prestige supercars leave their factories with Pirelli tyres as original equipment. This close relationship is carried through to the track, while the lessons learned through GT racing also helps Pirelli to develop the latest generation of ultra high performance tyres for the street.

Pirelli Media