SRO launches 2030 sustainability strategy

SRO launches 2030 sustainability strategy
  • We are committed to building a sustainable and inclusive business and sport by 2030
  • Our plan is based on the biggest material issues in our sport and includes the foundations for a strong, healthy business
  • We envision a future where carbon neutral teams are powered by zero carbon fuels, tyres are circular by design and our events leave no trace

Following a year of assessing our carbon footprint, evaluating areas for improvement and holding numerous stakeholder workshops, we have finalised and are pleased to launch our 2030 sustainability strategy and look forward to implementing the various goals and milestones ahead.

Our vision is to work together with our counterparts on building a sustainable future for our sport.

SRO’s sustainability strategy has our business at the core of it. From renewable energy procurement at our facilities, to reducing, recycling waste and obtaining environmental certifications, we are truly focused on bringing environmental protection as a crucial focus to our day to day work.

The topics of diversity and inclusion, as well as our employees’ health and wellbeing are equally high on our list of priorities. We’ll continue to work on and implement inclusive working and hiring practices, as well as establish well-being and health and safety policies, aiding us in shaping a diverse and empowered workforce. This will help SRO become a stronger, more resilient business and a better place to work.

Our championships are where our strategy house further develops, establishing three main pillars: events, teams and partners, and elaborating actions within.

Rounding off this racing season by launching our 2030 sustainability strategy paves an ambitious timeline ahead, throughout which we are determined to work as one with all our stakeholders, for the sake of the sport we love, and the future we all share.