SRO Motorsport Group donates 2018 fines to selection of good causes

SRO Motorsport Group donates 2018 fines to selection of good causes

SRO Motorsports Group has selected a group of worthy causes among which to distribute the fines collected during the 2018 racing season, including a major contribution to a fund-raising effort by Richard Hay on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity.

A former GT driver and long-time friend of SRO, Richard is well-known in the paddock for his role as managing director of Hayfisher Productions. He has raised a total of £15,000 between SRO and other donors, having been inspired to help following his own treatment for upper gastrointestinal cancer at the hospital. 

“I am so grateful to SRO Motorsports Group, Caterham Cars and all of my family and friends who have so generously donated to support my fundraising efforts," commented Richard. 

"It is wonderful that we have already raised £15,000 and this money will go towards funding research and support for patients just like me who have been treated for Upper GI cancer.”

As well as the contribution towards the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, a donation has also been made to Support Casper. The foundation was established by the friends and family of people who have lost their lives to pancreatic cancer, with the aim of raising awareness and improving treatment of the disease.

Further contributions have been made to Save The Children Italia; to Ricki Martino for his youth suicide prevention biking trail; and to the Borne Foundation, which conducts research aimed at preventing premature births. 

Fines can be incurred for a variety of infractions, such as speeding in the pit lane or unsporting behaviour on-track. Teams can also be fined for failing to maintain working guidelines during an event. Once collected, the money is placed in the SRO Motorsports Fund to be donated during the following year.