GT Experimental World Tour

The GT-X WORLD TOUR is a road show of the most technologically advanced cars powered by alternative energies to petroleum. The road show will be partially touristic and partially competitive and will aim to become the platform of choice for Manufacturers to showcase their latest technological developments in a world where people are decreasingly inclined to travel big distances to attend motor shows. The GT-X WORLD TOUR also targets private customers who are looking for new ways to enjoy their vehicle and who will be enthused to take part in a multi-day, cross- country journey bringing together exceptional sightseeing, competition, culinary excellence and captivating energy management strategy. 

The competitive side will include a number of different challenges including circuit racing, hill climbs, rally stages and standing-start drag competitions with the overall classification considering both the pure speed and energy consumption. The target being; to be the fastest whilst using the least energy possible. 

Due to its ecologically conscious approach, whilst consisting of some of the most impressive and extraordinary designs in the Automotive industry, the GT-X WORLD TOUR will become a very attractive proposition for a more mainstream audience than current motorsport offerings. In a similar manor to the Tour de France Cycling race, cities will be able to apply to become a “stage city” or “host city” of the Road Show which will educate local residents on the development of cutting-edge mobility whilst providing entertainment and generating positive media attention to the hosting regions. 

GTX Presentation

Business Development Manager
Gianmaria Dolci